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You can add fresh existence and recycle an previous tote bag by adding a number of knitted bouquets produced from left over yarn! Why not really give these luggage a fresh appear by covering the visual with a quite bridal bouquet of knitted bouquets? Using my fundamental Flirty Bloom knitting pattern, this step-by-step tutorial will display you how to use your stash yarn to knit up bouquets of different sizes, add key centers, and after that connect them to your outdated handbag to make a new accessory that you'll end up being happy to make use of everyday! But some luggage will function better than others:For each rose, below are variants on my knitted flower design that will create different size petals/blossoms,letter c tote bag,q-tees economical tote bag,tote bag jesus,tote bag liner,tote bag instructions

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